The Batten Family

The Batten Family

Wise Batten, Inc. is a forestry management and real estate brokerage firm based in Estill, South Carolina.  After graduating from Clemson University with a master’s degree in Forest Resources in 1978, Wise Batten founded the company along with his wife, Brenda Batten.  Their son, Wise Batten, Jr., joined the firm in 2004 after graduating with a master’s degree in Forest Management from the University of Georgia.

Wise Batten, Inc. has built and anchored its reputation on honesty and integrity.  The firm specializes in the acquisition and sale of large and small privately owned timberlands, hunting properties, and plantations.  Its specialized background in forest management and real estate brokerage allows the company not only to assist clients in the procurement of properties, but also to provide for the land’s long-term management.  

Wise and his staff offer a wide range of forestry and land management services including:

  • Timber Inventory and Sales
  • Reforestation Coordination and Supervision
  • Timber Stand and Wildlife Habitat Improvements
  • Management Plan Creation
  • GIS Mapping
  • Hunting, Farming, and Pine Straw Lease Management
  • Cost Basis Determination and Depletion Accounting Services
  • Conservation Easement Consulting
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Wise Batten Inc.
P.O. Box 445, Estill, SC 29918

761 Third Street E., Estill, SC 29918

8am - 4:30pm Monday through Thursday
8am - 3pm Friday


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