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Timber... the natural investment.

Timber is a renewable natural resource particularly well-suited to South Carolina's Lowcountry. The timber industry is especially strong in this area, and likewise the opportunities for investment. Timber growth and annual income from hunting and farming leases, combined with the potential for significant appreciation in land and timber values, make timberland a very attractive investment.

Wise Batten, Inc. is a timber management and real estate brokerage firm based in Estill, South Carolina. A registered forester with a master's degree in Forest Management from Clemson University, Wise and his staff offer a wide range of timber management services including inventory, appraisal, and reforestation.

The firm acts as an agent in the sale of plantations, timberlands, and hunting properties, and provides management services for farm and hunting leases.

The company has built its reputation by working behind the scenes, quietly matching the right property with the right owner, respecting and working within the confidentiality of its clients. Its unique background in forest management and real estate brokerage allows the company not only to assist clients in the procurement of investment properties, but to provide for the land's long-term management as well.

Some of the services our company provides are:
  • Timber Sales
  • Reforestation
  • Timber Stand and Wildlife Habitat Improvements
  • Hunting Lease Management
  • Real Estate Sales/Acquisitions
  • Land Organization, ArcView GIS Mapping, Management Recommendations

 Office: 761 Third Street E., Estill, SC  29918 Wise Batten Inc., P.O. Box 445, Estill, SC  29918    803-625-4256 
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